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Diablo 3: How to Get Wirt’s Leg (The Darkening of Tristram)


Diablo 3: How to Get Wirt’s Leg (The Darkening of Tristram)

Wirt’s Leg – Diablo 3: The Darkening of Tristram

With the Diablo’s 20th anniversary in full swing, players new and old are journeying through The Darkening of Tristram to experience the original game. While there is a lot of loot, enemies, and dungeons to explore, one of the most hidden is the diagram for Wirt’s Leg. However, unlocking Wirt’s Leg will require users to explore through a variety of levels in this pseudo-expansion. To start, continue making your way through the main dungeon until you reach “Level 9” which is marked in the top-right of your screen.

The environment will go through a noticeable change as players will no longer be exploring dilapidated halls, as they’ll enter a rather bleak cave. From the entrance, you will need to scour every path as the dungeon is randomized each time, meaning the Black Mushrooms will always be in a different spot. Eventually, you’ll stumble across a bunch of Black Mushrooms which can be interacted with to produce a Rotten Mushroom. This item can only be obtained on floor 9, so make sure to either backtrack or pick it up before finishing up The Darkening of Tristram.

Once you have this item, you’re one step closer to your Wirt’s Leg. Now, make a portal back to town and then use the warp pad to jump to the Old Ruins location where the Diablo 1 portal is. Re-enter the portal and head north through the gates, and then turn right and head across the bridge until you reach an old shack with a bunch of dead cows around it. Drop the mushroom into the cauldron to receive the Witch’s Brew item, and head back south towards the devastated town. You’ll now need to interact with a variety of corpses, each of which will drop an item for the player, which will then need to be given to another corpse around that area. After each successful “gift,” a spirit of that person will appear, indicating that you have completed this step of the task. This will pretty much serve as the last step in getting your Wirt’s Leg diagram.

The corpse order is as followed:

  1. Farmhand’s Corpse – Bottom right of the portal
  2. Ogden’s Corpse – Top left of the portal
  3. Pepin’s Corpse – Directly in front of the portal
  4. Griswold’s Corpse – Directly behind the portal

After you give the last item to Griswold’s corpse he will drop the plans for Wirt’s Leg. You can then warp back to town and deliver this item to the blacksmith, giving players the ability to use and transmogrify this hidden item. For more on Diablo 3: The Darkening of Tristram, make sure to check back with us here at Twinfinite.

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