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5 Major Developers That Still Need to Confirm Their Switch Games


5 Major Developers That Still Need to Confirm Their Switch Games

Where are they?

From Software


It’s no mystery that the Nintendo Switch is going to want third party support, something the Wii U was desperately lacking. Prior to their unveiling event, Nintendo showed off a sizable list of third party developers that were pledging support to the new system. A handful of these developers, however, have been surprisingly quiet, even with some big games coming down the road. Recent reports of certain titles getting downgraded on the system, like Dragon Quest Heroes II, could certainly have some effect on the matter. That in mind, let’s take a look at some developers that haven’t really said much about making games for the Switch, whether they’ve already been confirmed for support or not.

From Software, the makers of the wildly popular Dark Souls series, is a big name to have pledging support. They were on Nintendo’s list of confirmed developers, but so far we’ve yet to see any indication that they’re making titles for the Switch. From has said that Dark Souls III will be the last title in the series, but we also found out last September that the studio is working on three new titles, including a new Armored Core.

At the very least, you’d think Nintendo or From Software could come out with a statement saying one of these new games is coming to the Switch. There are also rumors that Dark Souls III and a remaster of the first two games could be making their way to Nintendo’s new system. Though these rumors may not be true, that certainly would be a great piece of software for the Switch.

From has become one of the most highly acclaimed developers in recent years, and hopefully they’ll announce something soon in regards to Switch support. It would be a nice feather in the cap for Nintendo’s new system.

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