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Detroit: Become Human and Dreams Not Confirmed for 2017 After All

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Detroit: Become Human and Dreams Not Confirmed for 2017 After All

A Sony video seemed to confirm them for this year earlier this week.

On Sunday, Sony posted a new video showing clips from PlayStation games scheduled for 2017 releases that the console holder wanted to get gamers excited about. As it turns out, however, a few of those games may not be coming out this year after all.

Specifically, it turns out that Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human and Media Molecule’s Dreams do not have confirmed 2017 release windows, according to Sony President of Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida.

Tweeting at Yoshida, a fan noted how Detroit: Become Human and Dreams, which previously did not have release windows, appeared in the video. Since the video is titled “Coming to PlayStation in 2017,” it seemed it was now indicating these games would in fact release this year. While Yoshida did not explicitly rule out as much, he did respond that the positioning of the two games as 2017 releases was “a mistake.”

As of this writing, the video is still live, and neither the video nor its accompany description text have been edited to indicate Detroit: Become Human and Dreams are not confirmed 2017 titles.

Dreams’ beta was recently delayed out of 2016, with no new release window being given.


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