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Is Cuphead Coming to PC?


Is Cuphead Coming to PC?

Is it Coming to PC? – Cuphead

If you’ve taken a look at the Xbox One’s lineup of exclusives for 2017 recently, you probably noticed a charming, beautiful game called Cuphead on there.

Taking inspiration from 1930’s cartoons, the visuals and audio utilize hand drawn and inked cel animation, watercolor backgrounds, and original jazz recordings to nail the aesthetic. Players take control of Cuphead as you make you tackle a boss gauntlet across weird and wonderful worlds. As you progress, you’ll unlock new weapons and learn powerful moves to help you defeat the enemies that stand in your way.

The game is certainly looking great, and the developers have delayed it a number of times to ensure it delivers on fans’ expectations. Of course, with such a novel aesthetic, PC players may be wondering if the game is going to be exclusive to the Xbox One.

The good news is that Cuphead is coming to PC. You’ll be able to pick it up through either the Windows 10 Store or Steam whenever the game releases. This is all thanks to Microsoft’s Play Anywhere initiative, meaning that all first-party developed titles will be playable on both PC and Xbox One from day one. It also means if you buy a digital copy of these games on either platform, you’ll get a free copy for the other.

Currently, Cuphead is slated for a release in mid-2017 on Xbox One and PC. We’ll keep you updated as and when there’s any more news of Cuphead’s release date.

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