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CS:GO – How to Open the Console


CS:GO – How to Open the Console

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Counter Strike: Global Offensive has a lot of interesting features that allow players the ability to create a smoother gameplay experience. The most notable of these features is a system called the developer console, or more often referred to as the console. Opening the console isn’t exactly difficult, however it does require a few changes to the in-game settings in order to start it up.

To activate the console in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, the first thing you’ll have to do is go into the Options menu and click on Game Settings. In the first block of options there should be an option for Enable Developer Console. You’ll want to make sure that the option is set to Yes. When first downloading CS:GO this option is set to No by default, so it’s likely you’ll have to switch it.

Once that is set, you’ll be able to open the console in-game by pressing the select key. The default key to open it is `, however the keybind can be changed by going into the Keyboard / Mouse section of the Options menu. With the console open, you’ll have free reign to input whichever commands you’d like, whether it’s to change the look of your crosshair, the HUD settings, or anything else. You can check out a list of very useful console commands here.

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