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The Biggest Moves and Mistakes Square Enix Could Make in 2017


The Biggest Moves and Mistakes Square Enix Could Make in 2017

Here’s what you can do.

Kingdom Hearts 3


The surprising collaboration between Square Enix and Disney that began back in 2002 has had numerous sequels, prequels, and spinoffs over the last 14 years. All of those have been well and good in the general sense, if not more than a little confusing in some ways (still no clue how you say 358/2 Days’ title), but the big Magoo here is Kingdom Hearts 3. Intended as the final chapter in the Dark Seeker Saga, all we really know is that Sora will be working with Donald, Mickey, and Goofy to stop Master Xehanort’s plan to start a second Keyblade War.

Footage and information about Kingdom Hearts III has been few and far between. While there’ll be returning worlds such as Olympus from Hercules, we’ll also receive new places to explore, like Big Hero 6’s SanFransokyo and Tangled’s Kingdom of Corona. We don’t even have a specific release window for KH3, let alone an actual date. While that’s likely to come in time, Square Enix could also improve on how they release this information. Even something as simple as a weekly or bi-weekly video about the progress of the game’s development would sate fans.

Even if the game isn’t going to see a 2017 release–odds aren’t looking good–more transparency about Kingdom Hearts III would be ideal. After No Man’s Sky, it’s been proven that announcing your game and playing close to the vest with footage and information may not work out in a studio’s favor, so it’s best to avoid to that at all points. It may also help to release a primer video for that story, because man, that thing is rather convoluted at this point.

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