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The Biggest Moves and Mistakes Nintendo Could Make in 2017


The Biggest Moves and Mistakes Nintendo Could Make in 2017

It’s gonna be one heck of a year.

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Clearly Communicate What Makes the Switch Unique

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One of the biggest problems that faced the Wii U was a lack of clear marketing and messaging. Even just in the titling you can see how some consumers may not quite understand what makes the Wii U different from the original Wii. Looking forward now, we see that the Wii U had some other issues dragging it down, but Nintendo can learn from mistakes for the Switch.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have both been out for years at this point, and they both have a sizable library. Because of this the Switch is really going to have to come out swinging, and prove why consumers should jump on board with it. Part of this means Nintendo really putting their full marketing power behind the new system. They’ll need to push ads in big stores like Target and Walmart, video and TV commercials, web ads, and more. More than anything, Nintendo will want to focus on the unique aspects of the Switch that separate it from the other systems on the market.

Focus on the first-party lineup and exclusives, the portable tablet, and removable controllers. These are the things that will attract people to the console, and it’s the first step Nintendo needs to take.

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