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The Best Overwatch Maps, Ranked From Worst to First


The Best Overwatch Maps, Ranked From Worst to First

Leveling up.

14. Temple of Anubis

Overwatch Anubis

Temple of Anubis is an Assault map set on the outskirts of Cairo, Eygpt. Featuring two capture points, the Overwatch map itself features gorgeous art direction, however, this is overshadowed by the frustrating level design. While the first capture point features multiple roots and levels of verticality, the second half is terribly unbalanced.

In order to acquire the second point, players have three approach options, all of which can be easily defended from the capture zone. Going down the middle route without some form of a Reinhardt shield will cause your forces to bottleneck, making it easy for the enemy team to kill you. The right side just funnels into the middle or causes you to waste time trying to jump over the large wall. Finally, the bottom left entrance just offers up another bottleneck that makes it easy for the enemy team to close in and swarm from all directions. It also doesn’t help that the enemy team literally spawns right around the corner, making it simple for them to just stall the timer our indefinitely with the right team composition.

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