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All Xbox One Video Game Releases of February 2017


All Xbox One Video Game Releases of February 2017

What will you be picking up?


While things do pick up slightly for the Xbox One in terms of game releases in February, there’s still a bit of a lull for the first couple of weeks. Properly kicking things off on Valentines Day, however, are two pretty big titles sure to keep players busy for a while.

If you enjoy being hands-on on the battlefield, then you’ll want to pick up Ubisoft’s For Honor. Choosing from either the Knights, Vikings, or Samurai, players will be able to embark on a single-player or co-op campaign that sees the three factions go to war. Alternatively, players can head online and take on other players in a range of different game modes from 1v1 Duels to 4v4 Elimination matches.

For those looking to test out their stealth skills, Sniper Elite 4 also releases on the same day. This time, the Sniper Elite series takes players to 1943 Italy as they fight alongside the Italian Resistance to save their country from the Nazi regime, and put an end to a new threat to the Allied fightback. The whole campaign will be playable in co-op as well as single player, and will also feature other co-op and adversarial multiplayer modes.

You can check out the Xbox One video game releases for the first two weeks of February 2017 below.

  • Uncanny Valley – Feb. 10
  • De-formers – Feb. 14
  • For Honor – Feb. 14
  • Sniper Elite 4 – Feb. 14

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