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All Xbox One Exclusives Releasing in February 2017


All Xbox One Exclusives Releasing in February 2017

A quiet month for Xbox One exclusives.

Halo Wars 2

With January coming to a close, Xbox One fans will be looking forward to the different releases coming their way in February. Unfortunately, in terms of exclusives, February is another very quiet month. In fact, there’s only Halo Wars 2 which is an exclusive experience to the Xbox One, though that doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck for something to play with For Honor, Sniper Elite 4 and more releasing from third-party studios. For RTS gameplay, though, it’s all about Halo Wars 2.

Halo Wars 2 is definitely going to change its predecessor’s formula up. Not only is the game being worked on by Creative Assembly – the folks behind the Total War series – but there’s a whole new card-based game mode for players to get to grips with.

While you’ll embark on a similar-style campaign against a new threat to humanity in Halo Wars 2, as well as be able to play against other players online as per usual, you’ll also have access to the new Blitz game mode.

This is a tactical card-based mode that tasks you with building a deck of powerful cards and combos, before bringing them to life as your army on the battlefield. Different cards require different amounts of Energy, though, which is accrued by picking up canisters on the battlefield every 90 seconds at six different locations. Therefore, you’ll need to toss up the pros and cons of having cheaper and weaker units on the battlefield faster, or remain defenseless for a little longer so you can roll out some serious firepower. Imagine a Hearthstone-esque Halo Wars 2 match to give you a better idea.

As previously mentioned, Halo Wars 2 will also feature an all-new campaign taking place on the Ark. The game’s campaign follows the events of Halo 5, too, so there’s always the possibility we could get some Halo 6 teasers to tide us over until its official unveiling.

Of course, rounding out the package is a range of multiplayer modes. While the game won’t support cross-play matchmaking between Xbox One and PC, you’ll still be able to team up with two other friends in intense 3v3 matches. With new units, leaders, and special abilities to choose from, you can expect the action to be even more chaotic and varied than its predecessor.

The game will also release with a Season Pass bringing even more content over the six months that follow. The content will include new campaign missions that expand on the game’s story, new Blitz cards to use, and new Units and Leaders.

Halo Wars 2 is set to release Feb. 21 on Xbox One and PC.

It may be a quiet month for Xbox One exclusive releases, but Halo and RTS fans alike should be very excited for Halo Wars 2 this month. Will you be picking the game up? Let us know down in the comments below.

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