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5 Advanced Technologies That Will Change Gaming


5 Advanced Technologies That Will Change Gaming

Gaming could get a whole lot more intense in the future.

Eye Tracking

Eye tracking technology has started to really come into its own in recent years, and Tobii Gaming is one of the leading brands when it comes to utilizing it in video games. Eye tracking, if the name of it didn’t give you a big enough clue, allows your computer to understand exactly what you’re looking at on the screen. This allows you to use your sight as an additional input method alongside your gamepad, mouse, and keyboard.

Tobii gives a number of practical uses for eye tracking in games from natural targeting that has the game targeting the enemy you’re looking at, to HUD elements that fade away when you’re not looking at them.

More impressive, however, is how this has been tied into gameplay. For example, in The Solus Project, if a player looks at a particular carnivorous plant, it’ll close itself up, fearing danger. It’s only a small example of how it can be used, but imagine an NPC shunning you in an RPG because you’re not making eye contact, or intimidating a foe with your stare to get extra, valuable information from them.

While eye tracking is already available in some games, it’s not been universally utilized and currently only exists in the PC realm. Currently, there’s no sign of any of the console manufacturers jumping on board the eye tracking train, and the number of developers supporting it is small. However, as the tech evolves and changes, there’s a good chance that more developers will jump on board and start experimenting.

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