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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Nathan Drake (That He Won’t Ever Keep)


5 New Year’s Resolutions for Nathan Drake (That He Won’t Ever Keep)

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Resolution 1: Stop Lying to Your Wife

Uncharted 4 Nathan Elena

This article contains plot spoilers for the Uncharted series, including A Thief’s End.


This one is at the top of the list because, for as much of a well told story that Uncharted 4 has, there’s no denying that Nathan Drake was a huge jerk to his wife Elena. Having some trouble adjusting to the domestic life? That’s fine, most of us have been there. But everything else after that? It’s hard to deny that he probably could’ve avoided many problems if he just straight up told Elena what was going on.

Sure, you can make the argument that he was trying to protect her or didn’t want to drudge up uncomfortable memories. But one thing that’s also worth considering is that both of these two are just straight up drawn to crazy, f-ed up situations. They literally met in part thanks to a gunfight, and there have been plenty of times in the franchise where she could have left him after realizing that he’s a magnet for bullets and explosions.

It’s an old saying that women are attracted to bad boys, but Drake’s not just a Bad Boy. He’s a walking health hazard from top to bottom to nearly everyone who crosses his path, but none more so than her. The man’s cost her multiple cameras, a cameraman, and no doubt several trips to the hospital (don’t forget the part where she nearly got blown up with a grenade), but she’s still been there for him. Seriously, man, look at how much shit from you she’s willing to put up with, you dingleberry.

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