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4 New Year’s Resolutions Bethesda Should Seriously Keep


4 New Year’s Resolutions Bethesda Should Seriously Keep

Stepping in the right direction.

Better PC Ports


One of the biggest problems that Bethesda has suffered from is releasing buggy or unplayable games for the PC. The most recent offender is the stealth action game Dishonored 2, which was flooded with a plethora of issues ranging from simple bugs to terrible framerate drops. While some of these issues have been fixed, Bethesda needs to focus more on delivering quality PC versions of their titles at launch and not wait until weeks later to patch out all of the problems.

In the wake of Dishonored 2’s launch, Bethesda has recently come out and explained that their PC launch of Prey won’t suffer any issues, and it’s important the company make good on that promise. PC players have recently received a rather alarming amount of poorly optimized ports this year, so it’s going to be important for Bethesda to deliver their titles with notably fewer hitches.

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