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5 Modern Game Mechanics That Need to Die in 2017


5 Modern Game Mechanics That Need to Die in 2017

Dead weight.

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Cutscene Woes


Cinematics in video games are used to help convey either important story or action moments that help progress a game forward in a way that the players could not. These cutscenes can sometimes be surprisingly lengthy, with many of them offering integral background and information that the user absolutely needs to know. However, this can become troublesome if developers don’t implement a way to pause cinematics. Given it’s quite possible for someone’s attention to be pulled away while playing a video game, not having the ability to stop the cutscenes can be highly frustrating.

This only gets worse if the developers allow you to skip cutscenes instead, which can lead to many players just forgoing the cinematic entirely when they just wanted to pause it. In contrast, players should also be able to skip all cutscenes if they choose too as it can help alleviate the boredom if you’re playing a specific title multiple times.

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