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5 Modern Game Mechanics That Need to Die in 2017


5 Modern Game Mechanics That Need to Die in 2017

Dead weight.

Quick Time Events

the order: 1886

Since the PS2 era, users have had to deal with a plethora of titles implementing button prompt sequences to either further the story or action. Commonly known as Quick Time Events (QTE), this gaming mechanic was an interesting novelty that worked in a few action-based titles such as God of War. While some games used them only briefly, other titles such as The Order 1886 and narrative driven games like Until Dawn effectively built all of their gameplay around this concept.

The problem is that this mechanic typically undermines the actual gameplay, resulting in players ideally watching what could be a cool cutscene only for some dumb button prompts to pop up. This not only forces players to stare at the screen in wait for a big blue X to appear but will also end up relegating any of the on-screen action or story to the background.

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