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5 Games Celebrating the Lunar New Year with Style


5 Games Celebrating the Lunar New Year with Style

Here’s where to celebrate today.

League of Legends

lunar new year league of legends games skins

As the year of the Monkey comes to a close, the Year of the Rooster eagerly awaits for sunrise to crow. Known to release content for major events and holidays, Riot is celebrating by allowing you to give them money for three new legacy skins. Falling under the “Warring Kingdoms” line and with gorgeous splash art, players can purchase new skins for Garen, Vi, and Azir individually for 1350 RP each or as a bundle 4801 Riot Points (6458 if you don’t own the champions). The bundle also included three Lunar New Year icons and a special Lunar Revel Rooster Ward. These are legacy skins and will be removed from the store after the event.

Players can also head over to the League of Legends Lunar Revel 2017 page here for a free icon, named “Mark of the Fortune,” to be used in-game. The Lunar Revel event ends on Feb. 2 so grab your skins while you can!

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