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4 Games Nintendo Could Still Realistically Release in 2017


4 Games Nintendo Could Still Realistically Release in 2017

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Pikmin 4

pikmin 4

With Nintendo’s newest console, the Switch, less than two months away, one has to wonder what other games this famed company has awaiting players later in the year. Given that we are still very early in the year, there are still a number of titles that Nintendo could reveal either at E3 or during one of their many Nintendo Directs. One of which is Pikmin 4, which was curiously absent during the Switch reveal despite Shigeru Miyamoto reassuring that they are working on it. Given how close we are to this console’s release, it shouldn’t be expected that Pikmin 4 drops sometime during Quarter One or Two. However, it’s more than possible that this game releases during the fall holiday season as that would allow Nintendo ample time to explain their title in more detail.

Given the Pikmin franchise has been dormant for around four years now, it will be interesting to see what improvements Nintendo made on this game’s mechanics. While these little critters haven’t reached the iconic status of Mario or Link, Pikmin has always had a rather dedicated cult following. As it stands, the Switch’s lineup of big exclusive titles is rather thin, so another entry in this fan favorite series could help alleviate that.

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