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Resident Evil 7: How to Do a 180 Turn


Resident Evil 7: How to Do a 180 Turn

180 Turn – Resident Evil 7

The newest survival horror game Resident Evil 7 has released upon the world and with it comes a whole host of nightmarish monsters looking to make a meal out of you. While this title embraces a lot of what makes modern horror titles great, other mechanics such as the 180 turn spin have returned to help you manage foes in combat. While Resident Evil 7 doesn’t tell you outright how to do a 180 turn, it’s going to be essential to your survival. In order to do a 180 turn, hit down on the left stick, and press circle if you’re on PS4, and B if you’re on Xbox One.

It will be quite obvious when you perform this move as Ethan will whip around and face the other direction. You won’t really use this move much when comes to actually exploring or solving Resident Evil 7’s puzzles. However, this is a very handy move for when you need to get some space between you and some enemies. The 180 turn is also quite helpful for if you get ambushed by a Baker and need to run for some cover or a hiding area. Just make sure you don’t turn around so fast and face a wall, that’s the last thing you want to see when an angry Molded is behind you.

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