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10 Games That Should Have Just Been Soundtracks


10 Games That Should Have Just Been Soundtracks

A musical high point.

Kingdom of Paradise – PSP


Kingdom of Paradise was an RPG on the PSP with heavy influences in Chinese history. It took place in the fictitious world of Ouka, which is basically a version of feudal China with mystical elements. The main character, Shinbu, is exiled from his clan and must fight to take back their sacred sword when the entire clan is killed.

The game had an interesting premise, but some poor pacing keeps the story from going places for quite a while. Combat was action-focused revolving around a system known as Bugei Scrolls. An infuriatingly useless block system could make combat frustrating at times, and it could get a little repetitive too.

Kingdom of Paradise does have a strong aesthetic and style about it though, in everything from its visual design to soundtrack. For the most part the music was memorable for songs using traditional Chinese instruments like this area theme, that helped bring out the aesthetic. There’s a couple oddball songs thrown in too like the ” Uzo and Muzo Theme, ” which is strangely catchy.

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