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10 Games That Are Mesmerizing to Watch Pros Play


10 Games That Are Mesmerizing to Watch Pros Play

Professional Chaos

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Super Smash Bros. Melee

While everyone has their preference for which title in this fighting series they like to view, we’re going with what many consider to be the best. Super Smash Bros. Melee was a title that was originally designed as a party game but was eventually co-opted by higher level players that wanted to push the game to the next level. This was done by exploiting techniques within the game such as Wavedashing, that gave users the ability to artificially speed the pace up of combat dramatically.

The biggest factor, however, was that Melee had no set combos that players needed to memorize like in Mortal Kombat. This gave an immense amount of freedom to users and allowed them to effectively create their own chaotic combinations for fighting. By doing this, the professional players turned melee from a simple fighting game into a master class of skill and speed that was rarely ever challenged within the genre. With such a diverse cast of characters, it was always intriguing to see who played what hero and how their style differentiated from others. Plus, watching Mario get beat up by Link or Kirby is always entertaining.

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