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10 Games That Are Mesmerizing to Watch Pros Play


10 Games That Are Mesmerizing to Watch Pros Play

Professional Chaos

StarCraft II

There are a lot of real-time strategy games out there, however, one of the most popular and impressive to watch performed is StarCraft II. While this title can be easy to pick up and play, there’s an exceptional amount of depth to the three different alien races. Pros not only know how to get the most out of their respective units but showcase a true understanding for the various builds and combinations players can create. This culminates in impressive battles that feel more like an elegant dance rather than two players smashing their armies together.

Yet, the real skill comes when players can perform an extensive list of commands and placements within seconds. A professional StarCraft II player’s understanding of the game is a master class in speed, precision, and memory for each keystroke and shortcut available. It’s almost dizzying to watch how fast the top level players can go when they’re in an intense match up.

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