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Youtubers Life’s Free Update Will Add a Cooking Channel to the Game


Youtubers Life’s Free Update Will Add a Cooking Channel to the Game

Become the next Gordon Ramsay.

No one expected it, but Youtubers Life quickly became one of the hottest sim games to release on Steam this year. U-Play Online has just announced that the game will be getting a free update on December 15, and this will add a brand new cooking channel for players to check out. Here are the details:

‘Would you like to learn the secret recipe of your grandma’s pudding? Do you want to show everybody how spaghetti and toast can mix together? Now you can become the world’s greatest cook on Internet ever! Indie studio U-Play Online is releasing tomorrow December 15th the new Cooking Channel for Youtubers Life, the first and best youtuber sim on Steam. This update will be free for both PC and Mac.

The new Cooking Channel gives you the chance of putting on your apron and equip yourself with your oven mitts to make thousands of delicious recipes by mixing almost 50 different ingredients. Start preparing simple snacks for kids and end up cooking sophisticated desserts for sybarite palates. Record videos of your best cooking sessions as you turn yourself into a master chef!’

You can check out the new trailer down below.

Youtubers Life is now available on PC and Mac via Steam.

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