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5 Xbox Games Microsoft Should Bring to Smartphones


5 Xbox Games Microsoft Should Bring to Smartphones

Someday… maybe!

Gears of War

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We know what you’re thinking. Gears of War in its traditional form moved onto a smaller, less powerful platform just isn’t going to work. And you’d be right, but that doesn’t mean that Marcus and co. couldn’t make their way over to smartphones in a different, more suitable form.

Imagine a top-down view of a rubble-filled battlefield. You tap on Marcus, currently taking cover behind a large chunk of fallen pillar from incoming Locust fire. You drag out a quick path across the battlefield with your finger and confirm the movement, and command the rest of Delta squad to lay down suppressing fire as Marcus makes his move. Mixing Gears of War’s gritty battle to keep humanity alive, with the tactical, turn-based strategic gameplay of something like XCOM would make for a perfect experience to take with you on the go. Even better, it eliminates the problem that often comes from the lack of physical buttons on the handheld platform.

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