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When the Super Mario Run Android Release Date Is


When the Super Mario Run Android Release Date Is

Android Release – Super Mario Run

With one of gaming’s biggest stars making his mobile debut, all eyes are on Nintendo to see how their newest title Super Mario Run performs. However, not everyone will be able to get their hands on this game right at launch, as the mobile game will only be available for iOS on the December 15 launch. For those wanting to play this title on Android devices, you will need to wait until 2017.

This was confirmed by Nintendo of America’s President Reggie Fils-Aime in an interview with Bloomberg Technology. When speaking with them, Reggie stated that, “In order to develop the game and make it as special, we had to focus on one platform and we decided to focus on iOS, iPhone, (and) iPad. And so, in the future, it is coming to Android, we’ve made that commitment and something that will happen in 2017.”

So if you want to play Super Mario Run on Android, you will have to wait, sadly. However, the game is now live for everyone else to jump, stomp, and fireball to their heart’s content. Just make sure to avoid the Koopa Shells after you kick them.

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