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Well, at Least You Tried, Shiny Popplio


Well, at Least You Tried, Shiny Popplio

It’s okay to feel sad.

It’s not easy being Popplio. You don’t have feet, you likely can’t see past your party hat of a nose, and people hate you. But you know what, Popplio? The world would be less disappointed in you if this wasn’t your definition of shiny:

Shiny Popplio

Popplio tried. It swapped out its bubbly blue neckerchief for the much more thrilling tones of muted tan. Its rubbery exterior blues just a half a shade harder, the shade of a million contingent bruises.

We tried to get scientific with this and make a comparative color swatch, but it just turned out to be a piece of abstract art, titled “Popplio’s Regret.”


Below is Figure 2, the starter Pokemon circle of life. It begins and ends with Popplio’s inadequacy.


Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters

Pokemon Sun and Moon Starters


While jewel-toned Rowlet and snowy Litten scurry into a future of acceptance, Popplio plants its burnt plum flipper in the ground and gazes into the void. The void gazes back. It says, “You tried, buddy. You tried.”


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