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Top 5 Most Underrated Games of 2016


Top 5 Most Underrated Games of 2016

The unsung heroes of 2016.



Prior to launching, Hitman had a bit of a turbulent development. Originally planned to release as a full title, developer IO Interactive decided to make it an episodic series of releases staggered throughout the year. Each location that Agent 47 visited on his assassination escapades was an episode with its own challenges, elusive targets, and plenty more to keep players occupied. Unfortunately, this episodic format was met with a hefty backlash from fans, leaving Hitman out in the cold.

Despite this, Hitman’s episodic release went ahead and silenced many of its critics. The staggered release of each location allowed players to enjoy everything on offer from each episode. Most importantly, however, it helped emphasize the game’s replayability. Challenges and elusive targets tasked players with getting even more creative with their kills, a mindset the series has always held dear. Despite its divisive release format, Hitman remains a solid entry into the series and one worth a try.

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