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Top 5 Biggest Video Game Successes of 2016


Top 5 Biggest Video Game Successes of 2016

The dizzying heights of 2016.

Xbox One S

Xbox One S, Microsoft

The Xbox One S wasn’t just any slimline console revision. It may be 40% smaller than the original system and no longer have that bulky external power brick, but the One S managed to do more than just shed a few pounds. It included HDR technology for all content and 4K capabilities when watching movies and TV on your system, came with a revised controller, and the absence of the Kinect port on the back was a sign of a changed Microsoft. This one was all about the games, and bringing the best possible console for playing them to its fans.

On its own, the Xbox One S is an impressive revision for a console many expected to just be a smaller version of the original. Yet, Microsoft capitalized on this further by releasing Xbox One S hardware bundles for Battlefield 1 and FIFA 17 which enabled fans to get early access to the games thanks to EA Access. As a result, the Xbox One S helped to see the Xbox One be the best-selling console according to NPD figures for four months running. Not a bad feat, considering the PS4’s seriously long-term reign prior to this.

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