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Stand By for Titanfall with This Custom Built Lego Gun From the Game

Titanfall 2

Stand By for Titanfall with This Custom Built Lego Gun From the Game

Titan not included.

As if you haven’t been given enough reasons to pick up and play the exceptionally good Titanfall 2 this year, master builder Nick Brick has demonstrated the game’s appeal in an entirely original manner.

Brick has made an exact replica, from Lego, of the Alternator SMG that can be equipped in Titanfall 2, alongside the time manipulation device which appears about midway through the campaign.

The Alternator even boasts a realistic replication of its reload animations but, unfortunately, the time device will not allow you to actually travel in time, as can be achieved in the campaign itself.

You can watch Brick show it off in the video below, which even includes a first-person demonstration of the gear in action.

This isn’t the first time Nick Brick has set his talents to the world of Titanfall, and his channel features builds of Titans like Ronin and Northstar.

Brick also has produced works inspired by the likes of Battlefield, Destiny, Overwatch, Halo and more, so make sure to check him out for more lego gaming-related stuff.

For all your other video game news, be sure to stay tuned with Twinfinite.


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