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5 Things You Can Expect to See at PlayStation Experience 2016


5 Things You Can Expect to See at PlayStation Experience 2016

Plenty of PlayStation news!

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Final Fantasy XV Update Announcement

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Final Fantasy XV made a brief appearance at the Tokyo Game Show conference back in September, and it’s likely that to show up again in one form or another at PlayStation Experience. With the game now finally out, chances are that fans will be informed of upcoming updates and maybe a bit of extra information on DLC missions coming to the game. After all, who doesn’t want to find out more about battling the Square Enix CEO?

With the Holiday Pack due to release sometime before the end of the year, it’s also possible that Tabata and the rest of the development team may want to share details on what players can expect from this update, as well as the rest of what the Season Pass has to offer.

Alternatively, Final Fantasy XV’s updates may be mentioned in passim¬†during a focus on PS4 Pro support. With the game due to receive two enhanced display modes for PS4 Pro owners in December and Sony likely to push the advantages of its PS4 iteration, what better title to tout than this November’s big arrival.

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