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The Valkyria Series Is Officially Splitting In Two

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The Valkyria Series Is Officially Splitting In Two

Two different pieces.

Valkyria Revolution recently got confirmation of a western release, and the title takes the series in an entirely new direction with new characters. Because of this, some fans worried that the original Valkyria Chronicles series may have been scrapped in favor of the new more action-focused Revolution. In a new post on the Japanese PlayStation Blog Valkyria Revolution director Takeshi Ozawa and producer Youichi Shimosato, both say they’re aware of rumors about the original series ending and they promise fans that it isn’t true.

Ozawa and Shimosato explain that they plan to continue with the original Valkyria Chronicles at some point, and Revolution was made because the team wanted to try something a bit different. Apparently there have been multiple pitches made for a new game since the release of Valkyria Chronicles 3, but due to scheduling issues nothing has worked out. Meanwhile, production and pitching for Revolution started in August of 2014 with production beginning in February 2015.

Ozawa described how Chronicles is already a series with an established world view, and they didn’t want to ruin that by attempting something brand new that would clash with that view. While both sub-series belong to the Valkyria project, the developers made sure to specify that they are indeed separate. Ozawa compared them to the Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series, containing similar themes and elements but different stories and worlds.

Valkyria Chronicles is more grounded in reality, injecting its “cool” elements into the military themes of the game and its tactical system. On the other hand, Valkyria Revolution dives into fantasy elements much more, and the team grounded it in more standard RPG mechanics.

Fans that played the demo of Valkyria Revolution in Japan had complaints about how different it felt from the rest of the series, saying it was too focused on action and didn’t let them stop and consider their actions. Because the team was trying to make an entirely new battlefield, they tried to adapt fan feedback as much as possible and make a fun balance of action and tactical gameplay.

Ozawa stated in the interview that he’s always thinking about how to approach the next entry in the original series, and take advantage of the current hardware. It should be noted that as of now, Valkyria Chronicles 3 has never received a western release.

Valkyria Revolution releases on Jan. 19 in Japan for PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, and is scheduled to release sometime in 2017 in North America. A prologue demo is currently available via the PSN in Japan, and Sega also recently announced an official soundtrack release for the game.

What do you think about the series splitting in two? Would you have liked to see another Valkyria Chronicles, or are you excited to see something new with Valkyria Revolution? Let us know down in the comments below.


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