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The New Prey Kept the Name Because “It Makes Sense”


The New Prey Kept the Name Because “It Makes Sense”


When Prey was first announced earlier this year at E3, a lot of people were confused. The new title doesn’t share any relation to the old one from nearly a decade ago; this time around, we’re playing as test subject Morgan Yu on the space station of Talos I. For the Game Informer cover story, Arkane explained their reasoning for keeping the title.

According to creative director Raphael Colantonio, the name originally wasn’t even something that they were kicking around. The studio was just focused on making a game where a guy was stuck in a small space and hunted, and they later settled on the name. Bethesda’s PR VP Pete Hines said that they thought “it was a cool name…that evoked what this game was about.” As far as Arkane was concerned, they were “totally on board” for reimagining what the title meant going forward.

Prey comes to the Xbox One, PS4, and PC next Spring. Earlier tonight at the Game Awards, a new trailer was shown, and you can catch it here.

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