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The Last Guardian: How to Respawn After Dying


The Last Guardian: How to Respawn After Dying

How to Respawn After Dying – The Last Guardian

While there isn’t a ton of action in The Last Guardian, you’re likely to find yourself dead at one point or another. Whether you jumped off the wrong cliff or took a dive into a bottomless chasm, here’s how to respawn after dying.

The post-death screen is similar to the screen you faced as you started the game. It’s black and filled with a number of strange symbols floating around. By pressing buttons on your controller, you can eliminate those symbols. The directional buttons on the d-pad, X, Square, Triangle, Circle, and L1/R1 will all help clear your screen. You’ll need to use more than one of those buttons, so the fastest way to revive is to start button mashing.

Once all the symbols are gone, your character will respawn, and you’ll be able to get back to whatever puzzle you croaked during.

For more tips, guides, and everything The Last Guardian, stay tuned to Twinfinite.

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