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The Last Guardian: How to Pull Spears Out of Trico


The Last Guardian: How to Pull Spears Out of Trico

Be a good hooman companion.

Pulling Out Spears – The Last Guardian

You will run into a few combat segments in The Last Guardian, and your cat-bird-thing companion, Trico, will occasionally get hurt from these tussles. After escaping a fight, you might have to pacify Trico by giving it a belly rub and also pulling out any spears that may have injured the beast. At the beginning of the game, when you first encounter Trico, the boy is also tasked with pulling a spear out of it.

To do this, simply climb onto Trico by tapping the triangle button to jump, and then move to the spot on its body where the spear is. Tap the circle button to get a good grip on the spear, and then hold down on the left analog stick until the boy manages to pull the spear out. It might seem a little odd to hold the analog stick down instead of up, or wiggling it around to get the spear free, but treat this like any other environmental interaction present in the game and hold it down until you get it out.

Now, you’ll be able to take care of Trico and treat its wounds properly, like any good human companion should.

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