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The Last Guardian: Don’t Miss The True, Secret Ending


The Last Guardian: Don’t Miss The True, Secret Ending

The Last Guardian’s True Ending (Spoiler Free)

The Last Guardian is a long ride of emotions. A quiet boy and a giant, dog-bird creature named Trico awake in a dark cave and must work together to climb out of the mysterious ruins surrounding them. The story is filled with heartfelt moments of friendship between the two, and at the end of its many sincerities and struggles is an ending that may seem to be cut a little short. You wouldn’t be wrong in thinking there’s more to see, despite the narrator himself saying this is how their extraordinary story ends.

After the initial closing scene, the game’s credits begin to roll, showcasing a number of moments between the creature and the boy during their journey. Make sure you stick around through the entire credits, though, as the story does continue a bit further.

We won’t spoil what happens here, but do be sure to watch this true ending. It won’t be a hugely thorough epilogue to The Last Guardian, but it’s an extremely meaningful moment.

If you do want to know what happens in this real ending, or just want to recap on all of The Last Guardian’s story, check out our recap over here.

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