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The Last Guardian: How to Free Trico From the Chain


The Last Guardian: How to Free Trico From the Chain

How to Free Trico From the Chain – The Last Guardian

The opening of The Last Guardian sees you and Trico hanging out in some sort of underground dungeon. While you are free as a bird, Trico is in chains, and not too happy.

You’ll first need to earn Trico’s trust by removing a spear in the beast’s leg, and then another in its shoulder. Approach the objects and use the Circle button + left analog stick to pull them out. To access the shoulder spear, you’ll having to climb up Trico’s body. Simply jump on using the Triangle button.

After the spears are gone, you’ll have to feed Trico. Search the nearby ruins for barrels, which you can grab and throw in Trico’s direction. At first, the bird-dog will refuse to eat near you, but taking a few steps back will ensure the barrel treat doesn’t go unappreciated.

Once you’ve fed Trico all the nearby barrels, the two of you are pretty much friends. You’ll also both want to get that inconvenient chain off. Press Triangle near Trico to jump onto its body, and then climb upwards towards its neck. There, you’ll find a lever that you can pull using Circle and the left stick. Once that’s done, the chain will break and Trico will be free to roam.

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