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The Last Guardian: How to Fight and Avoid Enemies


The Last Guardian: How to Fight and Avoid Enemies

How to Beat Enemies – The Last Guardian

Most of the conflict in the early hours of The Last Guardian comes from various soldiers found throughout the levels. These animated suits of armor will chase after you if you approach or activate them, and nab you up if you’re not careful. As a small kid, you don’t have any real method of combating these enemies, but there are a few ways to deal with them should you need to.

Trico is your main line of defense against stone guardians. If your dog-bird is nearby, sprint towards it as fast as possible, and Trico will mop the floor with them. Many times, though Trico will be unable to reach you as you’re being chased. For example, you may need to raise a large gate by pulling a chain before Trico can come to your aid. If enemies are on your tail, lead them as far away from your objective as possible. You run quite faster than them, so once they’re far enough, you can sprint back and raise the gate a small bit. Sometimes Trico will manage to get its arm through what little you’ve raised, and you can run towards it to avoid some danger.

If you happen to get grabbed by a soldier, you’ll want to start button mashing immediately. The face buttons of your DualShock controller, as well as the triggers, will help clear the symbols that start swirling around your screen. If you manage to clear them all, the enemy will drop you and be stunned for a small amount of time.

Continue luring guards away and sprinting to where you need to be, all the while escaping any grabs, and you’ll be well on your way to beating these warriors.

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