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The Last Guardian: How to Change Camera Speed / Sensitivity


The Last Guardian: How to Change Camera Speed / Sensitivity

Camera Speed and Sensitivity – The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian has a camera feature palpably different from other recent games. Its camera is a little heavier, so movement will start off a touch slowly before picking up typical speed. The game also focuses heavily on directing your gaze to important areas and moments, so you may experience a lot of push and pull on your view.

If you want to change the camera to be a little faster or slower moving, you’ll be able to in the game’s settings. Head over to the in-game menu, select Options, select Camera, and then adjust the Movement Speed slider to your preference. At max speed, The Last Guardian’s camera will resemble more closely the usual movement speeds, though you will still notice its momentum and guiding movement.

At its lowest setting, the movement is pretty much molasses. Imagine those moments where you became inactive in a game, and the picture started slowly panning around your character. That’s roughly what this setting feels like, and we’d recommend it only for the most patient of sightseers.

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