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The Last Guardian: How to Calm Trico Down


The Last Guardian: How to Calm Trico Down

How to Calm Trico Down – The Last Guardian

The first thing you learn in The Last Guardian is that Trico isn’t always in the best mood. Your bird-dog companion has a dark side, often characterized by purple eyes and a lot of yelping. As its friend and the protagonist, it’ll be your job to calm Trico down after stressful happenings. One such moment occurs early in the game, when Trico battles a number of animated suits of armor.

To calm Trico down after the fight, you’ll first need to climb up on its body. Get as close as you can while Trico is flailing about, and hit Triangle to jump on. You may find it easer to approach Trico from behind, as it’ll continue jumping backwards from you so long as Trico is upset.

Now that you’re clinging onto its feathers for dear life on this bridge, start climbing upwards. Trico will make this difficult, but if you keep at it, you’ll eventually reach its neck/head area. Once there, pet Trico a few times using the Circle button. Keep in mind that petting Trico in different places has different effects, and being nearest to the head will cause the most calming effect.

After you finish this, your friend will be back to their lovable self, and you can continue through the ruins. You’ll encounter more moments where Trico needs to be soothed, so make sure to repeat this process when the time comes.

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