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The Last Guardian: How to Break Free and Escape from Enemies


The Last Guardian: How to Break Free and Escape from Enemies

It’s too dangerous to go alone.

Escaping from Enemies – The Last Guardian

In The Last Guardian, Trico and the boy will occasionally run into combat situations with evil-looking suits of stone armor. However, the catch is that the boy can’t actually fend for himself. He’ll have to rely on Trico and trust that the beast will protect him. That said, there will also be instances where you might have to face enemies without the help of your furry friend.

During such times, the best thing to do is run from them. Thankfully, the suits of armor don’t move around too quickly, so they won’t be able to grab you unless they have you cornered. If they do manage to grab you, just mash all of the face buttons and trigger buttons until the boy breaks free. Each time you get grabbed, your screen will fill up with the strange letters and symbols, serving as an indicator for you to start button mashing. Do this, and you’ll be able to break out of the enemy’s grasp.

For the most part, you’re going to want to stick with Trico whenever possible as it’s your only means of fending off foes and defeating them. Whenever you find enemies, try to locate a new path or method of leading them back to the beast. If Trico is stuck behind some sort of barrier, lead the stone guards away and then run back to whatever lever or chain is awaiting your action. Repeat this until you’re reunited with your guard-slaying beast.

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