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The Last Guardian: Does Trico Die? Answered


The Last Guardian: Does Trico Die? Answered

The fate of the beast.

The Last Guardian is the latest game from the mind of Fumito Ueda, and it is finally available. Unsurprisingly, fans are already preparing themselves for some serious heartbreak. If you’ve played his most recent releases (recent being relative), Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, you will already know that things don’t always go super well for both protagonists in each game. With that being said, everyone has one question on their mind: does Trico die?

Before I answer that question, let’s be clear that I’m about to spoil a major part of The Last Guardian. If you’re wanting to change your mind, turn back right now.



The answer is no, Trico does not die, but the beast does go through quite a bit of hell near the end of the story, which will lead many to think that he does come to a gruesome end. Trico gets attacked and even has its tail ripped off while trying to fight back all of the guardians who want to kill it. It does make its way back to the boy after some time, although it looks like things aren’t going to end well.

Fast forward, and at the end of the credits you can see the odd looking creature still alive and well, far into the future. A wave of relief will wash over you most likely at this point. We won’t say what else happens at the end, but rest assured that the beast is still alive and well.

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