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The Last Guardian: How to Get Trico Past the Blue Glowing Cage


The Last Guardian: How to Get Trico Past the Blue Glowing Cage

How to Get Past the Blue, Glowing Cage – The Last Guardian

Throughout The Last Guardian, you’ll be learning to read and work with Trico, your adorable bird-dog companion. How to get Trico to cooperate, though, isn’t always clear. Your friendly beast is quite scared of a few mysterious objects in the world, one being a blue, glowing statue in a cage fairly early on in the game.

Trico will freak out as you approach the cage, refusing to jump down from the ledge above it. You can drop down into the area, and you may try eliminating the threat as you did a scary glass panel previously. You’re free to explore the area, and you’ll even spot a lever above the opposite door. There are a few climb-able pipes and a strange, door-looking thing on the wall. Despite all of this, there is actually no way to remove or stop this glowing blue problem. And we’re still not sure why that bit of wall looks so much like a door.

To move on, you’ll need to call Trico down from the ledge using R1. This may take a couple of tries, but eventually Trico will jump down near the cage, and the story will continue.

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