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The Last Guardian: 6 Tips and Tricks for Beginners


The Last Guardian: 6 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Watch Trico for Clues


From its sheer size to the way the camera swings in its direction, Trico is framed as your main focus throughout The Last Guardian, especially if you get stuck on one of the game’s platforming puzzles.

The massive bird-dog gives clues across your journey, ranging in subtly. Many times, if you’re lost, you can find Trico staring intently at a ledge you should climb onto, or fiddling with a chain you need to pull. In certain situations, you’re able to climb aboard Trico, and it will walk you right up to your desired direction. Even when these more obvious guides don’t appear, Trico is constantly providing you with information through its curiosity. In one level, you’re meant to utilize a torch to get Trico’s attention, something you may realize much faster if you noticed Trico intently staring at the line of torches in the previous room.

Whenever you’re overwhelmed with The Last Guardian’s large environments and complex ruins, take a minute to see things through Trico’s simple eyes.

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