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8 Games That Didn’t Get Nominated at The Game Awards (But Should Have)


8 Games That Didn’t Get Nominated at The Game Awards (But Should Have)

Cutting room floor.

Best Art Direction

I Am Setsuna, The Game Awards

The Game Awards are almost here and it’s time to look over the vast list of games in each category to see what titles didn’t make the cut. Some bias will play into anything regarding reward shows, but we couldn’t help but notice a few important games weren’t up for nominations. It’s important to note that not every category is lacking, as many of them are actually fairly solid for their line-up.We’re also going to be limiting it to a maximum of three choices per entry. Sadly, these are the games that should have at least earned a nomination at The Game Awards.

I Am Setsuna: With three different independent titles nominated this year, it’s a shame the beautiful work of I Am Setsuna didn’t make the cut. This title’s gorgeous artwork mirrors that of a painting in motion, with the colors twisting and layering over one of each other. Combine this with the gorgeous character and level design to get one of the best looking games of the entire year.

Far Cry Primal: While we visited a plethora of different cities this year in gaming, but one of the most memorable settings was way in the past. Far Cry Primal’s realization of what the ancient world would look like was breathtaking and horrific, as the towering presence of nature looms around you. Animals and environments look great both from a distance and up close, lending Far Cry Primal a very organic feeling.

Final Fantasy XV:  Even though this title didn’t make the cut because of the nomination dates, we still felt that the wonderful art direction for this Final Fantasy installment is worth a mention. Not only are the cutscenes utterly stunning, but the design for the various creatures, weapons, outfits, and environments are also top notch. Square Enix did a wonderful job making every location feel truly unique, which allows this title to feel far more memorable because of it.

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