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The Eight Classic Final Fantasy Tropes of XV’s Cast


The Eight Classic Final Fantasy Tropes of XV’s Cast

Somewhat familiar.

Noctis – The Aloof, Suffering Hero

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Many of the heroes the the Final Fantasy series, XV included, are a bit socially awkward. Whether it’s because they aren’t good at showing their emotions or they just come off as plain rude, these heroes really don’t know how to interact with others. This isn’t always unjustified though as oftentimes these characters have had traumatic pasts, and go through some immense suffering across the course of the game. Examples of this would be Cecil from IV, Cloud from VII, Squall from VIII, and Edgar from VI although he’s not the main protagonist.

Noctis is pretty socially awkward for a few different reasons. First off, he’s not good at speaking his feelings or showing his emotions, even with his closest friends. Noctis also went through some severe emotional trauma as a child, once when he was attacked by Daemon and nearly killed, and again during the attack of Tenebrae. To top all of this off, he was raised in a sheltered life away from most of the public and his own father. As Final Fantasy XV progresses, in traditional Final Fantasy hero fashion, he faces even more misfortune.

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