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The Division Error CE-34878-0: What it Is and How to Fix it


The Division Error CE-34878-0: What it Is and How to Fix it

CE-34878-o error – The Division

The CE-34878-o error is a pesky one that has plagued a few PlayStation titles over the years. More recently, the error message has been appearing often in Ubisoft’s open-world shooter, The Division.

What is a CE-34878-o error

“Application has crashed. Restart the application in the content area.”

This error essentially means the game has crashed, though doesn’t identify why. Whether you had a one-time crash or a more serious problem with your install, you’ll see the same error.

How to fix a  CE-34878-o error

Restart the Game

There are a few steps you can take should this error prove problematic in playing The Division. First, of course, try completely exiting the game and rebooting it. You’ve probably already tried this, but we’ll note it just in case.

Update Software

If the error persists, make sure both your game and PS4 software are up to date.

Re-install the Game

If everything is up to date, you’ll then want to completely remove The Division from your system and re-install it. Head to Settings and System Storage Management to find your saved content. Delete the data for The Division. After that’s done, restart your PS4 and reinstall the game from the online store or your disc.

Rebuild PS4 Database

If you’re still getting a CE-34878-o error after this, you should try rebuilding your PS4 database. Turn your PS4 off, then hold the power button until you hear two beeps. This will boot the system up in safe mode. Select the rebuild database option. This will not delete your saved data.

Reset to Factory Settings

Warning: This will delete all your saved data. Back up your data on a USB or external hard drive if you don’t want to lose it.

After the database is rebuilt, try opening The Division again. This step most often cures the CE-34878-o error, but if it does not, your next logical step is to return your PS4 to factory settings and then re-install your game. Boot it up in safe mode again, and select Initialize PS4 to do this. You can also Initialize from your Settings tab.

Ubisoft’s recommendation

On their forums, Ubisoft support recommends resetting the console display and audio settings, as well as lowering your display output resolution.


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