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The Best Video Game Voice Performance of 2016


The Best Video Game Voice Performance of 2016

Performances that brought this year in games to life.

Honorable Mention: Alex Hernandez (Mafia III – Lincoln Clay)


Mafia III is a story about anger and revenge, so it’s only fitting that you get someone who can carry those strong emotions out of the writing. The 1960’s backdrop means that characters also require a sense of historical authenticity, and while this is present in everyone from government agents to the average civilians, nowhere does the themes and time period of Mafia III blend better than in protagonist Lincoln Clay and his voice actor, Alex Hernandez.

The title’s voice acting is exceptional overall, but it’s Hernandez who has to carry the whole affair on his shoulders. Lincoln’s story is a rough one, travelling through betrayal, justice, and the twists anger can turn in both. Hernandez’s voice lends a casual, no-nonsense demeanor that grounds the sometimes over the top portrayals of the other characters, all while selling the pain of Lincoln’s time in Vietnam War and the traumatic events that follow.

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