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The 5 Smartest Moves Microsoft Made This Year


The 5 Smartest Moves Microsoft Made This Year

A pretty good year for Microsoft.

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Play Anywhere

Xbox Play Anywhere

The Xbox Play Anywhere scheme was initially revealed back at Microsoft’s E3 conference this year. As part of Microsoft’s shift towards the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), if a player digitally purchases any first-party title released from the release of ReCore back in August onwards, they’d get codes for the title on both PC and Xbox One.

While this was an obvious means of Microsoft pushing players into buying from the Windows Store on PC, it’s also pretty beneficial to the player, too. No longer do you have to be sat in front of your Xbox One to explore the vast stretches of Australian outback in Forza Horizon 3, as long as you’ve got a powerful laptop or PC, you can simply sign in and carry on enjoying the fun.

Opening these games up to the PC audience as well, while reducing the system’s roster of exclusives, does enable them to reach even more people with some of the biggest and best titles Microsoft has to offer. And if a player has the ability to play their favorite Xbox One title on PC in 4K, it’s certainly going to limit the temptations towards Sony’s 4K system.

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