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Super Mario Run: What Black Coins Are & How to Get Them


Super Mario Run: What Black Coins Are & How to Get Them

Black Coins – Super Mario Run

If you’re seeing black coins in Super Mario Run, then chances are you actually already know what they are. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t make it very clear as to what each of the different colored coins do, so let us explain it for you.

These are the hardest coins you’ll be tasked with collecting in Super Mario Run. The first time you play each level, there will be pink coins for you to collect. If you grab them all, then Super Mario Run will drop purple coins in trickier places. If you collect all of those, then you’ll unlock the black coins. Black coins require a true mastery of Mario’s running and jumping abilities, so be sure to bring your A-game to the table.

It’s worth noting that black coins are more valuable than the normal gold coins that litter each of Super Mario Run’s levels, so be sure to collect them if they’re within your reach. Once you’ve got all of them, be sure to go and boast to your friends about how great you are at the game. You deserve it.

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