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Super Mario Run Tops Pokémon Go’s Download Record

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run Tops Pokémon Go’s Download Record

Running faster off the mark.

Super Mario Run launched on iOS yesterday, and it is well on the way to smashing Pokémon Go’s record of 5.6 million downloads in three days.

According to Variety, Super Mario Run was downloaded 2.85 million times on its launch day. To put that in context, that’s about three times as many downloads as Pokémon Go, which had approximately 900k downloads on its first day.

Now it’s worth noting that Pokémon Go sped up considerably in terms of downloads, and it was released in a staggered way across different territories. Super Mario Run has had just the one launch day worldwide and has had considerably more marketing put into it from Nintendo. Pokémon Go was available on different mobile platforms; whereas Super Mario Run is only available on iOS at present.

There has been an odd effect on Nintendo’s shares in the aftermath of the game’s release. Bloomberg reports that Nintendo’s shares fell by 4.2% in Tokyo, and the game’s co-developer DeNA Co. saw a stock fall of 6.8%. This odd reaction is probably linked with the game’s payment model, which isn’t quite free-to-play, but free to try. Players are asked to pay $9.99 for the full game after the first few free stages.

The game has made $5 million across 5 million downloads, averaging at $1 per download. This means around one in ten players are actually paying for the full experience.

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