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Super Mario Run Inspired by the Feats of Speed Runners

Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run Inspired by the Feats of Speed Runners

The speediest of plumbers.

Shigeru Miyamoto has revealed that the inspiration for Super Mario Run comes from a surprising source: speed runners.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Miyamoto said that many Nintendo employees watched speed runs of the company’s game and noticed one crucial thing: the players never took their hands off of the D-pad, causing Mario to run continuously. The portly plumber never lost momentum, meaning he always had enough speed to clear any obstacles that appeared in his path.

Nintendo’s hopes for the title is that the lack of a D-pad or any horizontal control over Mario will make it easier for first time players to learn the ropes. The title can be played with one hand, according to Nintendo, tapping the bottom of the screen to make Mario jump and evade obstacles.

Super Mario Run also marks Nintendo’s first true effort to put one of its famous characters on mobile, following Miitomo earlier this year. The game can be played for free or all features can be unlocked for $10. Mobile versions of Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing are also slated for the platform and will release in 2017.

Super Mario Run launches for IOS and Android on December 15.


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